For the occupational therapists, special education teachers, and parents working with neurodivergent teens and young adults....
What if you could have evidence-based life skills resources ready-made for you that are created for autistic and neurodivergent teenagers and young adults? 

Seeking Effective Life Skills Resources for Neurodivergent Learners?

You need life skills resources that are age-appropriate, save you time so you can actually teach the skills, and are created for neurodivergent learners.

You've tried...

Searching the Internet and Pinterest for teaching ideas and strategies to help you.

Making your own resources, but it takes a lot of time, and you have to learn how to use the technology to create them.

Doing it all on your own, and you are just feeling overwhelmed with where to start and what skills to teach.


Discovering a deeper understanding of the neurodivergent experience. The resources illuminate the unique challenges and perspectives of neurodivergent teens and young adults, fostering empathy and a stronger emotional connection.

 Empowering yourself with the tools and knowledge to effectively teach life skills. As you navigate through our comprehensive modules, you'll gain confidence in your ability to support neurodivergent individuals in mastering essential daily living, social, and emotional regulation skills.

 Learn to communicate more effectively with neurodivergent individuals. The resources provide insights into how to engage, motivate, and understand their needs, leading to more meaningful interactions and progress.

Transforming your approach with evidence-based strategies. Each module has practical tools and activities designed for real-life application, ensuring you can handle various situations and challenges.

 Witnessing the growth of independence in the individuals you support. The resources are tailored to promote self-reliance and confidence in neurodivergent teens and young adults, preparing them for a more independent and fulfilling life.

 Joining a community of dedicated professionals and parents. Share experiences, insights, and support as you navigate the journey of empowering neurodivergent individuals together.

 Experiencing reduced stress and increased satisfaction in your role. Knowing you have a comprehensive toolbox at your disposal brings peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment as you make a tangible difference in the lives of those you support.

Hi there, I'm Sara-

an Occupational Therapist, Blending Professional Expertise with Personal Insight for Neurodiversity Learning. 

Hello! I’m Sara, an Occupational Therapist and a dedicated mother within the neurodivergent community. 

Fueled by my personal journey with my brother and son, I've crafted this toolbox to bring practical life skills into the hands of those who will benefit the most. 

Combining heartfelt understanding with evidence-based practices, I’m here to support you in nurturing independence and celebrating neurodiversity.

Introducing the Neurodivergent Life Skills Membership
Embracing Every Journey: A Neurodiversity Affirming Toolbox for Life Skills with Heart and Understanding

The Monthly Membership for occupational therapists, special education teachers, and parents working with neurodivergent teenagers and young adults. 

You will get ready-made life skills resources to save you time, help you know what skills to teach, and help you improve the quality of life of the individuals you work with.

Unlock a World of Understanding

Dive into a curated membership that combines understanding, compassion, and practicality.

Inside the Membership, you will get 37+ Evidence-Based Resources to Help you Teach Life Skills

What You'll Discover in The Personal Hygiene Collection:

  • Life Skills Checklist
  • Steps for Taking a Bath
  • Toothbrushing Task Analysis
  • Personal Hygiene Sensory Strategies Toolkit
  •  Showering Visual Posters
  • Toothbrushing and Flossing Toolkit
  • Personal Hygiene Cares eBook Bundle
  • Digital Activities Shower and Bathroom Checklist Bundles
  • Visual Sequencing Cards
  • Personal Hygiene Social Stories Bundle

These Personal Hygiene Resources Will Help You...

Simplify Teaching & Learning: The resources take the complexity out of teaching personal hygiene, offering clear, concise, and visually appealing aids. 

Tailored Strategies for Unique Needs: I understand the importance of addressing sensory and executive function challenges. The resources provide practical strategies to cater to these specific needs.

 Promote Independence & Confidence: With step-by-step guides and checklists, young adults and teens gain the skills and confidence to manage their personal hygiene more confidently and independently.

What You'll Discover in The Social Skills Resources:

  • 50 Social Skills Checklist
  • Dating Social Situation Cards
  • Work Etiquette Social Situations Task Cards
  • Halloween Social Situations and Problem Solving Cards
  • Thanksgiving Social Situations and Problem Solving Cards
  • Christmas Social Situations and Problem Solving Cards

These Social Situation Resources Will Help You...

Understanding Social Interactions: The resources facilitate a deeper understanding of social behaviors, making social interactions more approachable and less intimidating. 

Practical Learning through Scenarios: I provide practical, real-life scenarios for teaching appropriate social responses and interactions. These scenarios enhance learning by offering relatable and realistic examples.

 Boosting Social Confidence: By equipping neurodivergent individuals with the necessary tools to navigate social situations, we enhance their social confidence and situational awareness. This empowerment leads to more positive and successful social experiences.

What You'll Discover in The Sensory Processing Resources:

  • Calm Down Toolkit
  • Sensory Processing Checklist
  • Holiday Sensory Guide
  • Calm Down Regulation Visuals and Toolkit
  • Sensory Strategies for Personal Hygiene Care Skills
  • Making Sense of the Teen Years: A Sensory Processing Guide eBook

These Sensory Processing  Resources Will Help You...

Navigate Sensory Processing Challenges with Confidence 

Identifying Sensory Needs: The resources help pinpoint specific sensory processing issues, making it easier to address them effectively. 

Strategies for Calm and Routine: I offer practical advice on creating calming environments and routines crucial for those who find specific sensory inputs overwhelming.

 Educational Insights for Everyday Life: Learn how to manage sensory challenges in various activities and events. Our guides educate on how to adapt and thrive in different sensory environments.

What You'll Discover in The Emotional Regulation Resources:

  • Identifying and Labeling Emotions and Feelings Activity Pack
  • Emotional Regulation Bundle for Teens
  • Calm Down and Regulation Visuals Toolkit
  • Coping Strategies Social Narratives Bundle
  • Attention and Focus Toolkit

These Emotional Regulation Skills Resources Will Help You...

Build Emotional Regulation Skills

Healthy Emotional Expression: The resources guide individuals in identifying and expressing emotions in healthy, constructive ways, fostering emotional well-being. 

Managing Attention & Focus Challenges: I offer effective tools and strategies to address attention and focus issues, enhancing concentration and reducing distractions in various settings. 

Enhancing Coping Skills: Through practical narratives and exercises, our resources strengthen coping skills and emotional regulation, equipping individuals to handle life's challenges more effectively.

What You'll Discover in The Life Skills and Routines Resources:

  • Daily Living Skills Checklist 
  • 100+ Life Skills Activities for Teens at Home
  • Home Routine Building Guide
  •  Morning Routine Checklist
  • Functional Life Skills Bundle 
  • How to Use the Microwave Visuals and Checklist
  • How to Complete Laundry Visuals and Checklist
  •  Kitchen Safety Skills Worksheet

  • Money Management Skills Checklist

These Life Skills Resources Will Help You...

Build Skills to Improve Quality of Life

Development of Essential Skills: The resources are designed to support the development of key daily living skills, laying a foundation for successful independent living. 

Structured Activities & Checklists: Through structured activities and detailed checklists, we provide a clear pathway for building and maintaining effective daily routines. 

Empowerment for Independent Living: I aim to empower teens and young adults with the skills and confidence needed to navigate the complexities of independent living successfully.

Unlock Incredible Value with the Membership Plans!
Resources for Just $9/Month or $72/ Yearly Membership
Only $9/Month-A Treasure Trove of Resources 
  • Get unlimited access to products worth $205. 
  • Smart Savings: Save over 47% annually compared to purchasing each item separately. 
  • Flexibility and Freedom: Pay monthly and enjoy continuous updates and additions to our product library.

Annual Membership - Just $72/Year

  • Unbeatable Deal: Access our entire collection of resources, normally priced at $205, at an extraordinary 65% discount.
  •  One-Time Wonder: Pay once, and enjoy a whole year of unlimited access and updates. 
  • The Best Value: Ideal for those seeking maximum savings and a commitment to continuous learning and development.

Why Join?

  • Cost-Effective Learning: The membership is designed to make learning and development more affordable. 
  • Quality Resources at Your Fingertips: Whether it’s personal hygiene, social skills, sensory processing, life skills, or emotional regulation, our extensive library has you covered. 
  • Continuously Growing Library: Regular updates mean you always have access to the latest and best resources.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to access a wealth of knowledge and resources at a fraction of the cost. Join our community today and start your journey of growth and development!

What you'll learn in the Neurodivergent Life Skills Toolbox Membership
The Tools, Techniques, and Support You Need To Be Successful
The Functional Life Skills module is crafted to empower individuals with the essential skills needed to navigate the complexities of daily life.

Dive into the Executive Functions module to unravel the intricacies of the brain's command system. This module is tailored to enhance skills like planning, organization, task initiation, and self-monitoring. 

Embark on a journey into the Emotional Regulation module, designed to equip individuals with the tools to understand, express, and manage their emotions effectively.

Dive into the Sensory Processing Strategies module, where members will uncover techniques to understand and manage their unique sensory experiences.

...and much, much more!

In fact, you'll get tons of life skills resources to add to your toolbox! 

Who is This Membership For?
A Community for Learning, Growth, and Understanding

Occupational Therapists and Special Educators: If you seek practical, compassionate tools to support neurodivergent teens and young adults, this toolbox is your ally. Enhance your strategies and witness your students' remarkable growth. 

Parents of Neurodivergent Young Adults: Discover new ways to support your child's unique learning and life journey. Our resources are designed to help you guide them and improve their quality of life. 

Neurodivergent Teens and Young Adults: Whether you're looking to build life skills, gain confidence, or find your own path to success, this toolbox is for you. We understand your challenges and aspirations and offer a space where you can grow at your own pace, respected and supported every step of the way.

Community Collaboration

As part of our membership, you gain access to a private Facebook group.

 Collaborate with professionals, parents, and adults, sharing experiences, seeking advice, and building a supportive community.

Ask any questions you have, and let's collaborate and learn from each other! 

How the Life Skills Resources Have Helped Others!
Learn how OCCUPATIONAL therapists and special EDUCATION teachers LOVE the resources included in the membership!

I love that they are for older kids!

I love how this is geared towards older kids and that it has reflection questions. This is great for the teen and the parents to go through together!

-Kelly S. Occupational Therapist

I loved the visuals and it was simple!

I liked the fact that there were visuals on every page and the content was kept simple. It saved me a lot of time, seeing I didn't have to make it myself.

-Rebecca O. Occupational Therapist

Great resource to send home!

This was a great resource to send home with parents to keep in their bathroom for a visual guide!

-Danielle V. Teacher

The Neurodivergent Life Skills Toolbox Promise

This membership is for you, not for me. 

That's why I promise to always serve up high-quality, valuable information to help you teach life skills to neurodivergent individuals. 

As a member, you'll have every opportunity to tell me what you need, and I will do my best to create relevant trainings and resources for your needs and that of our entire community.

As soon as you hit that “buy” button, you’ve got instant access to everything inside the membership and everything that gets added for as long as you remain a member. 

 But you’re also not stuck! 

If the Neurodivergent Life Skills Toolbox Membership isn’t the right fit for you, you can cancel your membership at any time. No hard feelings, promise!

Meet Sara, Your Compassionate Guide on this Journey
Hi, I'm Sara, Occupational Therapist, OTD, OTR/L

Hello, I'm Sara, a doctorate-level Occupational Therapist who has worked in pediatric care. 

My journey into the world of occupational therapy was deeply personal. Inspired by my autistic brother, I developed a burning passion for supporting the neurodivergent community, particularly teens and adults, in enhancing their quality of life. 

 Now, as a mother, I am also raising a neurodivergent son, I bring not just professional expertise but a personal understanding to the table.

 My philosophy revolves around a neurodiversity-affirming practice model, emphasizing choice, empathy, and compassion. 

It's vital to me that every individual feels seen, heard, and valued.

 I'm committed to continuous learning and growth, drawing insights from the autistic and broader neurodiverse community. 

My mission is to ensure that every member of this platform knows they are not alone on this journey. 

With me, you have a guide who genuinely understands, cares and is dedicated to your success.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About The Membership
  • Do I need to be diagnosed as neurodivergent to join the membership?
    No, you don't need a formal diagnosis to join. Our membership is open to anyone seeking to understand and enhance their life skills in a neurodiversity-affirming environment, whether you're neurodivergent, a caregiver, a professional, or someone looking to broaden their understanding.
  • How often is new content added to the membership platform?
    We are committed to providing fresh, relevant content every month. Based on in-depth research and member feedback, we expand on existing topics and introduce new modules to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.
  • Is there a community aspect to the membership?
    Yes, as a member, you gain access to a private Facebook group where you can collaborate with professionals, parents, and adults. It's a space to share experiences, seek advice, and build a supportive community.
  • Is there a guarantee?
    I can promise you that I will show up and deliver all of the great content, resources, and trainings I’ve been going on about on this page, but your specific results will depend on you showing up, asking questions, and doing the work.

    As a member, you’ll have every opportunity to tell me what you need, and I will do my best to create relevant trainings and resources for your needs and that of our entire community!

    But you’re also not stuck! If the Neurodivergent Life Skills Toolbox isn’t the right fit for you, you can cancel your membership at any time. No hard feelings, promise!
  • Can I cancel my membership?
    Absolutely! You can cancel at any time.